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The statement of the world known sculptor Takis about the political affairs

«At Friday night in 29th of June 2012, the European
leaders, at their last meeting, with
Mrs. Merkel betrayed Greece»

« As the political and the economic affairs have developed until today, time is not given any more, to Greek intellectuals. I think that we also have to say something about all this comedy in Europe…

This agreement that was achieved at Friday night in 29th of June by the leaders of the E.U., shows clearly that Europe sold us to Germany. It is not possible for Mrs. Merkel to make this agreement without any exchange and this exchange is the Mediterranean through Greece. In other words, they let her exploit and do everything she wants in Greece.

Mrs. Merkel will degrade more Greek people, so at first she will be able to buy off their big enterprises and then their properties, mostly on islands, by paying demeaning amounts. This kind of agreements is not achieved without any exchange.

Mrs. Merkel will be grateful to Europe for the access that was given to her to the Mediterranean.»

(Art- La Defense)

Similar article of 29-6-2011 Source: ERT- John Daskalakis

The SPD demanded extraordinairy meeting for the Summit about «the turn of 180 degrees» of Merkel

An extraordinairy meeting of the Budget Committee of german Federal Parliament will be held in the afternoon, in order that the results of the Summit Meeting of the European Union can be evaluated. The meeting will be held before the scheduled vote for the european mechanism of stability EMS and the Financial Pact, following a request submitted by the Social Democratic Party (SPD). In his statement, the Member of Parliament of SPD, responsible for the budget issues, Karsten Schneider mentioned that «the Chancellor should explain this turn of 180 degrees».

Takis New York Times

Takis Donation to New York Times (August 8-9, 2015)